Couly-Dutheil White Saumur- Les Moulins de Turquant 2013

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  • Wine : Saumur Blanc Les Moulins de Turquant 2014 

    Grape(s) : Chenin Blanc

    Type : White Wine

    Body : Medium body 

    Bottle size : 750ml

    Region : Loire Valley

    Country : France

    Wine Occasion
    Sushi Party,Oysters
    Oysters and cold Seafood Party,Cheese Party,Pizza and Pasta Party, Thai/Viet Party, Cantonese Night, Vegetarian Night 

    Tasting notes
    Beautiful crystal clear pale gold colour. Fresh and intense, the wine is aromatic with floral, mineral and citrus notes. On the palate, the wine is fruity, soft and delicate with very refreshing aromas. 

    Food pairings :
    Serve between 8 to 10 degrees
    C with crustaceans such as prawns and crayfish, great also with scallops, frog legs, grilled fish with sauce, asparagus, zucchinis, peas, and many light green vegetables.


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